Online Offertory Now Available!

The Diocese has set up an Online Parish Offertory page at You can also access this site via the “OFFERTORY” button on our webpage ( or the “GIVING” icon in the MyParish app.
On the Online Offertory page, you can give to any of the parishes within the Diocese of Honolulu. Please select “St Anthony of Padua – Wailuku.” 100% of your donor gift will go toward your selected parish(es).
The Diocese will cover the fees (e.g. merchant services).  The Diocese will also generate donor tax acknowledgment letters for any gifts given via the Online Parish Offertory page.

Mahalo for considering an online offering for St. Anthony Maui! Your generosity supports the needs and works of our parish.

Donate via the “OFFERTORY” button on the St. Anthony homepage.

Donate via the “GIVING” button on the St. Anthony MyParishApp.