Parish Sponsored External Outreach

Hospital Visits

Communion to the Sick: Hospital. This ministry was formed as part of the Outreach Program of the Diocese of Honolulu. Ministers visit the sick at Maui Memorial Medical Center, pray with the patients, and administer Holy Communion to the sick. Members who participate in this ministry are blessed as much as they bring blessings to the sick.

Requirements: Hospital ministers must be properly trained and commissioned as a Eucharistic Minister from our parish. As required by the Diocese of Honolulu, you must go through a Safe Environment training and background check.

Contact: Valerie Standing

Homebound and Hale Makua Visits

Communion to the Sick: Shut-ins and Hale Makua. “in bringing Communion to the ill and deprived, the minister of Communion represents Christ and manifests faith and charity on behalf of the whole community toward those who cannot be present at the Eucharist. For the sick, the receiving of communion is not only a privilege but also a sign of support and concern shown by our Christian community for its members who are ill.” -Guide for Ministers of Communion. Members of this ministry experience a fulfilling spiritual uplifting. As you bless others, you are also being blessed.

Requirements: Must be an active Eucharistic Minister (See requirement in Eucharistic Ministry).

Contact: Shut-Ins: Jo-Ann Hoopii. Hale Makua: Bertha Ching and Emily Santos.

Women’s Prison Ministry

Malama Na Wahine Ke Akua: St. Anthony Church Women’s Prison Ministry. This ministry serves the incarcerated women of Maui Community Correctional Center. Women are invited to attend one hour sessions of Christian songs, worship, and bible studies, led by our volunteers on Tuesday evenings.

Requirements: Ministry members will be assisted by the volunteers through the qualifying process of forms, a TB test, and a mandatory two-night training session led by prison personnel. Another way of joining this ministry is by being part of the much-needed support group. Your thoughts and prayers, along with the continuing encouragement for our volunteers but most especially for the women of MCCC, remains the most important role you could be a part of.

Contact: Monica Morakis or Hiedi Elizares