Liturgical Ministries


Acolytes, also referred to as altar servers, are between the ages of approximately 7 and 18 and have received First Holy Communion. They are assigned to serve at all weekend Masses, special Masses, Benedictions, and Stations of the Cross. Typically, they serve once every four to eight weeks, based on the number of acolytes and level of experience. The primary role of the altar server is to assist the priest in the celebration of the liturgy during Mass. This is done through specific actions and by setting an example to the congregation by active participation in the liturgy, by looking alert, and sitting or standing at the appropriate times. When a server cannot be present at their scheduled Mass, they must arrange for a replacement.

Requirements: All acolytes must attend a two-hour training session at the Church Center.

Contact: Joseph Cardoza

Arts and Environment

Church decorators are the group that ensures our beautiful church is appropriately decorated for each liturgical season. The aim is to draw us into worship and to remind us of the facets of Christ’s life, death, and Resurrection that are being celebrated in particular liturgies in the Church calendar.

Requirements: A willingness to volunteer a few hours of your time and share your expertise to help decorate our worship spaces at certain times of the year.

Contact: Jeff Vierra

Church Cleaners

Just as our homes need cleaning, so does our Church Center, God’s house. Every parish has wonderfully faithful people who humbly give of their time and energy with little or no recognition. Each weekend, team members arrive to bein cleaning – washing windows and screens; polishing counters and furniture; sweeping, mopping, vacuuming the entire Church Center; and cleaning restrooms. Cleaning takes about two hours. Certain teams prefer to start at 5 am on Saturdays, while some prefer Friday afternoons. Each person is assigned to a certain chore and given the cleaning schedule for the year.

Requirements: No special requirement except a sense of responsibility and your total commitment to this ministry. Please consider being part of an amazingly generous group of people who lovingly care for the condition of our Church Center. If we can create more cleaning teams, it will lighten the burden. “Many hands make light work.”

Contact: Sr. Eva Mesina, CSJ

Eucharistic Ministry

Eucharistic Ministers distribute the Holy Eucharist in the Sunday assembly, as well as to the homebound (sick/elderly) in hospitals and nursing homes. As a baptized Christian, one is already participating fully and deeply in the ministry of Jesus. As a minister of Holy Communion, one is called on to serve the body of Christ, the Chruch, as it performs its most important work – the Eucharist. Like all ministries, this is a great honor and a great responsibility. It should be undertaken with the intention to grow in one’s devotion to the Mass, to the church that celebrates it, and to the Lord, through Whom, with Whom, and in Whom it can be done.

Requirements: Eucharistic Ministers must be at least 16 years of age, registered members of our parish, baptized, received First Holy Communion, confirmed, and have earnest desire to help our parish. Those who become special ministers of Communion must be persons whose good qualities of Christian life, faith, and morals recommend them. Humility, hospitality, gratitude, and reverence are four qualities each minister brings to this ministry. Must attend a special two-hour training session held at the Church Center.

Contact: Nona Iwata, (808) 244-4148, ext. 233


These ministers welcome all parishioners and visitors, young and old, to our weekend and special seasonal Masses. Hospitality Ministry does involve leadership and responsibility, but it also offers many great rewards. Our primary duties are performed at the Sunday Masses, but we are also sometimes called upon to serve for special occasions. It may seem like a lot, but we work as a team, and our team would welcome additional members. If you enjoy meeting people and sharing your love with others, if you enjoy watching the children of our parish grow up before your very eyes, or if you would just like to become more involved in our church community, then please consider joining our awesome team!

Requirements: One must be a young adult or older (both men and women welcome) and be ready to greet our people and be aware of all the various details that make up our liturgy. This includes opening and closing of the Church Center; identifying the handicapped and disabled if they wish to receive the Eucharist; designating a family to bring gifts to the altar; assisting in the Communion flow; passing the collection baskets during Masses; distributing bulletins; helping with the cleaning of candle trays in the chapel; and locking the chapel after Saturday and Sunday evening Masses.

Contact: Michele Hondo


We experience the presence of God both in the proclamation of the Word and in the Eucharist. To enable us to hear the Word at each liturgy, community members minister to us as lectors. All lectors will strive to make the special relationship between ourselves and the Word of God a living reality and to meet the highest standards possible for the proclamation of the word here at St. Anthony. The parish will create an environment and provide the support that will enable the lectors to master the talents and skills associated with their ministry. The lector’s ministry is proclaiming the Good News – making the Word flesh – again. Answering this call, you enter into a deeper relationship with God. As a reader, you give voice to God’s healing and strength as it is revealed in Sacred Scripture. You become a prophet speaking for God.

Requirements: One must be a registered member of our parish, baptized, received First Communion, confirmed, and in good faith (right with God), eager to serve and willing to engage in ongoing formation for effective service. This ministry also requires certain abilities – confidence, maturity, and poise. Must attend a two-hour training session held at the Church Center.

Contact: Nona Iwata, (808) 244-4148, ext. 233

Liturgical Committee

This committee meets regularly to prepare for the different themes for each Liturgical Season.

Requirements: Members must have an understanding of the various needs of the different Liturgical Seasons.

Contact: Val Standing or Nani Gapero

Music (Choir, Cantor, Musicians)

The gift of music is one of the many benefits God has showered on mankind. Choir leaders, singers, organists, other instrumentalists, and cantors – all have been given a talent to be used for God’s glory and for building up the Church. Endowed with this gift, one shows gratitude, appreciation, and thanksgiving to God by using it well and often.

Requirements: Under the leadership and guidance of the choir directors of each Mass, your only commitment to this ministry is to attend weekly practices and Mass.

Contact: Rosie Johnson